Katie Abbott

Love, Presence

& Connection

Together in mystery, awake in love



Katie's teaching explores the power of love, presence and connection. The simplicity and depth of the soul. It is a teaching that honours both our human and spiritual nature and allows one to remember that a life lived with meaning and with truth, is a life lived in homage to love and in service of the whole.

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Pause Place Practitioner Training takes place over six live weekends from May to October each year at Nan Studios in London. It is an experience for anyone wishing to awaken both heart and mind and discover how to facilitate transformative experiences and sacred spaces for both individuals and groups.

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Katie has worked as a therapist and coach from 1 Harley St since 2006. She now works with a small group of private clients in this capacity. Her work is an experience of depth and simplicity. A truly natural and instinctive meeting of both dark and light. Power and warmth. The intensity and totality of presence, leading to the ultimate liberation of the true self.  

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